Thursday, March 17, 2011

.waffles and family.

Just so you don't think I've been slacking, there have been things happening in my kitchen.  Most of those things involve cleaning and running the dishwasher, but there have also been some culinary achievements.  The greatest thing I think that has happened is my on going affair with my waffle iron.  I received said waffle iron from my brother and SIL to be this past Christmas and had left it at my parents' house for a little while.  Then it made it's way over here, but I could never convince myself to break into it.  Until last week that is.  Last week we had cinnamon waffles (which needed more sugar and maybe some vanilla from my point of view, although my roommates contend that I am just sugar crazy), and yesterday I whipped up a batch of banana waffles which were delightful.  Now I have some more bananas sitting on my counter getting browner by the hour, which leaves me trying to figure out the next baked good I can shove them into.  As I recently discovered that the man in my life hates bananas (it's a textural thing for him) but loves banana baked goods.

Speaking of the man in my life I was introduced to the parentals last night.  From my perspective everything went well and they were really nice.  Reminded me alot of my own family in many ways, which though slightly unnerving was ultimately endearing.  But one thing his mom revealed/confirmed my suspicion of is that he is an INCREDIBLY picky eater.  And I thought I was bad with my aversion to raw tomatoes, goat cheese, and meatloaf.  The boy is anti veg, mostly anti fruit, anti food mixtures (like no meat in sauce, and I would guess no casseroles), anti mexican food, and anti pasta (!!! probably the most concerning of all to me).  And he is pro fast/junk food.  This does not bode well for my waistline.  Either that or I will slowly convert him to the beauty of the home cooked meal and the wonderful flavor combinations that you get from casseroles or putting sauce on things.  I suspected he was picky when I had offered numerous times to cook for him and he refused all offers.  That is an unusual occurrence in my experience.  And admittedly I was a little miffed by the rebuffs.  I love cooking for people.  The more elaborate the request the better.  For me it's like "Look at all this hard work and effort I put in just to satisfy you.  See, I can take care of you."  When he rejected my offers it was a little like rejecting my offer of love, and while I didn't really take it to heart (and there are many men/women that would be thrilled to not cook for their significant other) I now understand it so much better.

So now I really have a challenge.  How do I, the queen of sauces and casseroles and composed bites where you get a little bit of every flavor on your fork at once, either adapt my cooking style for him or try to slowly convince him to come around to my style of eating?

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