Sunday, March 20, 2011


So it is currently very early.  Or late.  Either way really.  But I should have guessed that I would be awakened by my bladder at such an's what I get for consuming three cans of fresca right before bed.  The worst part is I technically need to be up in two hours to shower and get ready for work.  And I'm pretty sure I won't get back to sleep until maaaaybe a half hour before I have to get up.  Silly really.

But that is not why I'm writing.  You ever have a culinary moment where you are just like "Arrrgghh!  Why didn't I write that down?"  Last night in my post boyfriend, post work tiredness I made some chicken that was delicious.  And I have no idea how to re-create that deliciousness.  I stuck the chicken in a ziploc with some marinade that I concocted on Friday and it was so good.  All I can remember are ingredients, but the ratios, forget about it.  Oh, and the boy was indeed victim of the waffle maker and my need to feed (others).  And it was something he actually ate and seemed to enjoy.

Tasty Chicken Marinade
(amounts....who freaking knows)
-soy sauce
-white vinegar
-peanut sauce
-basil pesto mustard
-frank's buffalo wing sauce
-a very small amount of bbq sauce
-a small amount of agave nectar
-canola oil

-I do specifically remember that there was nothing dry in the salt, pepper, garlic powder, nothing of that nature.  I do remember thinking....ok, I have my acid, my oil, some heat, some salt, and some sweet to balance it....all the major components of a marinade.  I know that this made tasty tasty chicken, so I'll probably use these things again, but in completely different amounts.  And it will still probably be tasty.  And I will still probably not write it down.  Because I almost never NEVER write down marinades, I never seek out other people's recipes for them, I just follow that basic equation (acid + oil + flavor ...and in this case I made sure my flavor was balanced between salt, heat, and sweet).  And usually as long as you keep them in relatively similar amounts (like do not have waay more acid than flavor) you should end up with something pretty tasty

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