Friday, January 14, 2011

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Work has been incredibly slow lately, which isn't surprising, but it leaves me with ample time on my hands.  Now I can either work myself up into all of my neuroses related to my romantical life and my uncertain future, or I can take adventures and get creative.  Seeing as how I finally unearthed my car this morning from the foot of snow encasing it in a hope that I would have to work today I choose adventures (much like the classic series of my youth Choose Your Own Adventure ®).  These adventures include the craft store, as I've decided to start making my own jewelry and the grocery store to procure cranberries to make some Cranapana Muffins.  And yes, every time I see the word Cranapana my mind wants to see "Crap-ana" which sounds intriguing enough to make.  Today might also potentially be a double recipe day, but I'm not sure what that second one will be yet.

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