Friday, February 11, 2011

.until further notice.

I want a tart pan.  So so badly.  A pretty pretty silver tart pan with fluted edges.  I wants it.  And then....oh ho, in the words of Dr. Seuss - "Oh the places you'll go".

I haven't actually made or conquered anything new since the success of sweet potato burritos - too many other household-y chores to do.  Also I have cleaned up a couple peanut butter fudge attempts, and every time I get the stove/general kitchen clean I don't want to then go dirty it myself.  I mean I did make jam cookies today (with strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and cranberry orange centers) but I always feel like those don't count.  I mean, who would count those?  Eh.  But yes, a tart pan.  And, an ice cream maker.  Although this time of year, a tart pan would come in far more handy.  And also a madeleine mold.  And a Japanese mandolin.  And a new tattoo.  And now I feel like I'm starting to sound like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" (which is a classically hilarious movie that everyone should see if only to appreciate it when I make statements like "And that's all I need".
So nothing new at the moment, and probably not until the weekend is over, because I have a long weekend full of gooey eyed customers making kissy faces at each other to deal with.  And I will fully own the term hypocrite, but watching that stuff is like watching a car crash.  You can't look away, but you wish you never looked.  And I am in a relationship with a man that sends me sweet little text messages telling me that I am his angel and the light of his life and wishing me a "Good morning beautiful" every day.  But seriously peeps, be mindful - not everyone can have nor wants to have a significant other.

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